Soil Moisture


Put simply, turfRad allows golf courses to fully leverage their existing irrigation systems. By adapting a proven technology to efficiently measure and map the moisture content of soil, it allows courses to adjust individual sprinkler heads to respond to a variety of conditions, some of which could ultimately be detrimental to the condition of the course. TurfRad’s capabilities are such that they are appreciated by a number of different groups.


For Superintendents: For starters, turfRad is user-friendly and the sensors are easily mounted onto vehicles. The moisture maps produced are easy to understand and call attention to which sprinkler heads need to be adjusted. In addition to reducing wet spots and dry spots, when combined with any modern irrigation system, enables a great deal of savings in water, energy, chemicals, and labor.


For Players: By strategically reducing sprinkler runtimes for firm conditions, players can experience greater roll on their drives and more response on their approach shots. Players also appreciate the elimination of wet spots on the course and the overall improvement in the course aesthetics. With turfRad you can have it all: green turf and firm conditions.


For the Public: The huge demand for water and the reliance on various chemicals for turf maintenance has hardly endeared golf courses to naturalists. Fortunately, the industry is acknowledging the need to become environmentally responsible and turfRad is a significant component of that responsibility to sustainability.

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Why turfRad?


Water conservation bites on two fronts. Where water costs, the need to contain those costs is important. Beyond that, the environmental sensibilities of lowering water usage apply to everyone in the golf sector. By using our sensors and then carrying out the indicative irrigation protocols, courses can save as much as 30 percent on water.


Water is not the only resource that needs to be better managed on a golf course. The demands on electrical usage from powering irrigation systems and sensors to the gas used on transporting crews around the course make conserving power an imperative. Courses can save as much as 30 percent on the electricity costs associated with pumping water.


Whether we are talking about championship courses or smaller local tracks, a course’s reputation is built on its playability. Do the fairways allow for good shot making, are the tees completely filled in and are the greens imminently presentative; all questions that build a course’s brand equity and all areas that benefit greatly from strategic, efficient irrigation. Courses can benefit from less wet spots, and less dry spots.

TurfRad users
in the USA

The Valley Club, Sun Valley, Idaho

The Club at Las Campanas, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Shadow Creek Golf Course, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Club at Hokuli’a, Hawaii

Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, Mission Viejo, California

Colbert Hills Golf Club, Manhattan, Kansas

Golf Club of Estrella, near Phoenix, Arizona

St. Joseph Country Club, St. Joseph, Missouri

Austin Country Club, Austin, Texas

The Longboat Key Club, Longboat Key, Florida

La Rinconada Country Club, Los Gatos, California

Champions Golf Club, Houston, Texas
Palm Beach Par 3, Palm Beach, Florida


Superintendent at The Club at Hokuli’a in Hawaii

Our Fairways were wetter than I thought when we first started using turfRad. We have been able to reduce our water use by 24%. We are still adjusting heads to reduce water on a few holes. Growth and health of the turf has improved at every Fairway. We are very happy with what these sensors have been able to do for us.


Superintendent at Colbert Hills Golf Course

“To be honest, I didn’t trust turfRad at first. There was a four-week period in mid-summer where I used the sensors, but I went about irrigating as I always did.  When I went back and looked at the turfRad outputs, I realized I could have saved about 1.4 million gallons of water during that time period – a huge cost savings for us.”


Director of Agronomy at the Longboat Key Club

“After two months without rain and a broken water pump, we used turfRad to save the day by directing a strategic irrigation plan with significantly less water than normal.”


Need more information?

If you are in need of further information, we recommend checking out our Online Guide that provides comprehensive information and resources regarding our services. Even more our team is always available to address any specific questions or concerns you may have, so do not be shy and contact us at any time.